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 Electron capture from H2 molecule by He+ ions.

Authors Ghavaminia H.,  Gulyás L.,  Sarkadi L.,  Bene E.,  Demes S.,  Juhász Z.
Megjelenés helye SCI European Physical Journal D 71 (2017) 217
Impact factor 1.3932017
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Atomic and Molecular Physics


 Single and multiple electron removal and fragmentation in collisions of protons with water molecules.

Authors Gulyás L.,  Egri S.,  Ghavaminia H.,  Igarashi A.
Megjelenés helye SCI Physical Review A 93 (2016) 2704
Impact factor 2.9252016
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Atomic and Molecular Physics

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