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 Nanostructured coopper-zirconia composites as catalysts for methanol decompstion.

Authors Tsoncheva T.,  Genova I.,  Dimitrov M.,  Pribóczki É.  + 8 ( Collaboration)
Megjelenés helye Applied Catalysis B - Environmental 165 (2015) 599
Impact factor 8.3282015
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Materials Science and Analytics
Linkek Hivatkozások (1)


 Effect of mesoporous silica topology on the formation of active sites in copper supported catalysts for methanol decomposition.

Authors Tsoncheva T.,  Genova I.,  Stoyanova M.,  Pohl M-M.,  Nickolov R.,  Dimitrov M.,  Pribóczki É.,  Mihaylov M.,  Kovacheva D.,  Hadjiivanov K.
Megjelenés helye SCI Applied Catalysis B - Environmental 147 (2014) 684
Impact factor 7.4352014
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Particle Physics and Miscell.
Linkek Hivatkozások (1)


 Nanostructured copper, chromium, and tin oxide multicomponent materials as catalysts for methanol decomposition: 11C-radiolabeling study.

Authors Tsoncheva T.,  Pribóczki É.,  Dimitrov M.,  Genova I.
Megjelenés helye Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 389 (2013) 244
Impact factor 3.5522013
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Materials Science and Analytics
Linkek Hivatkozások (3)

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