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 Beta-decay half-lives of 110 neutron-rich nuclei across the N=82 shell Implicatios for the mechanism and universality of the astrophysical r process(Acts Mineralogica-Petrographica Abstract Series. 9(2015)192501/1-7).

Authors Lorusso G.,  Nishimura S.,  Xu Z. Y.,  Jungclaus A.,  Shimizu Y.,  Simpson G. S.,  Söderström P. -A.,  Watanabe H.,  Browne F.,  Doornenbal P.,  Gey G.,  Jung H. S.,  Meyer B.,  Sumikama T.,  Taprogge J.,  Vajta Zs.,  Wu J.,  Baba H.,  Benzoni G.,  Chae K. Y.,  Crespi F. C. L.,  Fukuda N.,  Gernhauser R.,  Inabe N.,  Isobe T.,  Kajino T.,  Kameda D.,  Kim G. D.,  Podolyák Zs.  + 55 (EURICA Collaboration)
Megjelenés helye SCI Physical Review Letters 114 (2015) 2501
Impact factor 7.6452015
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Nuclear Physics


 Reanalysis of the (J=5) state at 592 keV in 180Ta and its role in the nu-process nucleosynthesis of 180Ta in supernovae.

Authors Hayakawa T.,  Mohr P.,  Kajino T.,  Chiba S.,  Mathews G. J.
Megjelenés helye SCI Physical Review C Nuclear Physics 82 (2010) 8801
Impact factor 3.4162010
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Nuclear Physics
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