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 Experimental validation of the largest calculated isospin-symmetry-brewakingeffect in a superallowed Fermi decay.

Authors Melconian D.,  Triambak S.,  Bordeanu C.,  García A.,  Hardy J. C.,  Iacob V. E.,  Nica N.,  Park H. I.,  Tabacaru G.,  Trache L.,  Towner I. S.,  Tribble R.,  Zhai Y.
Megjelenés helye Physical Review Letters 107 (2011) 2301
Impact factor 7.3702011
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Nuclear Physics


 Electron-capture branch of 100Tc and tests of nuclear wave functions for double-beta decays.

Authors Sjue S. K. L.,  Melconian D.,  García A.,  Ahmad I.,  Algora A.,  Aystö J.,  Elomaa V. -V.,  Eronen T.,  Hakala J.,  Hoedl S.,  Kankainen A.,  Kessler T.,  Moore I. D.,  Naab F.,  Penttila H.,  Rahaman S.,  Saastamoinen A.,  Swanson H. E.,  Weber C.,  Triambak S.,  Deryckx K.
Megjelenés helye Physical Review C Nuclear Physics 78 (2008) 4317
Impact factor 3.1242008
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Nuclear Physics
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