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 Status of the database for production of medical radioisotopes of 103Pd 123,124I, 201Tl by using Rh, Te and Tl targets.

Authors Tárkányi F.,  Takács S.,  Andó L.,  Vera-Ruiz H.,  Shubin Yu. N.,  Hermanne A.
Megjelenés helye SCI Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Supplement 2 (2002) 1318
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Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Nuclear Physics
Biological and Medical Sciences
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 Status of the data base for production of medical radioisotopes of 103Pd 123,124I, 201Tl by using Te, Tl and Rh targets (Abstr.: 9P10.1(337), 10.1-P12).

Authors Tárkányi F.,  Takács S.,  Andó L.,  Shubin Yu. N.,  Vera-Ruiz H.
Megjelenés helye International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology. (ND 2001). Tsukuba, Japan, Oct. 7-12, 2001 0 (2001) 0
Character Conf. abstract, poster, talk
Topics Nuclear Physics
Earth, Cosmic and Environm. Res.
Biological and Medical Sciences

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