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 Nuclear data for production of the therapeutic radionuclides 32P, 64Cu, 67Cu, 89Sr, 90Y and 153Sm via the (n,p) reaction: Evaluation of excitation function and its validation via integral cross-section measurement using a 14 MeV d(Be) neutron source.

Authors Al-Abyad M.,  Spahn I.,  Sudár S.,  Morsy M.,  Comsan M. N. H.,  Csikai Gy.,  Qaim S. M.,  Coenen H. H.
Megjelenés helye SCI Applied Radiation and Isotopes 64 (2006) 717
Impact factor 0.9242006
Character Scientific paper, proceedings
Topics Nuclear Physics
Developm. of Instr. and Methods
Biological and Medical Sciences

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