Industrial and medical applications

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Research area Application of nuclear physics and of accelerators
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This area of scientific activity covers the application of scientific results obtained in the field of nuclear physics, mainly in connection with application of medium-energy particle accelerators (cyclotron, VdG). It also includes development, production and application of radioactive isotopes in research, industry, agriculture and nuclear medicine.


Radiochemistry and isotope separation
Study of the synthesis of pharmaceuticals labeled with on-site produced radioisotopes for single photon (SPECT) and positron emission (PET) tomography.

Measurement of nuclear data
Measurement and compilation of cross-section and yield data of charged particle induced nuclear reactions, building databases and testing nuclear reaction model codes.

Neutron physics
Excitation function of neutron-induced nuclear reactions, neutron transport in bulk media and methods for detection and identification of illicit materials hidden in bulk media are studied and developed.

Industrial and medical applications
Radioactive tracing of industrial and biological processes, wear measurement, medical radioisotope development.

Detector development
The PET technique is widely used in human clinical studies and the recent developments of image resolution have made it suitable for small animal research. The Section of Electronics has more than 10 years of experience in small animal PET development.

Imaging of surface chemical processes using positron emission tomography
Three-dimensional imaging of surface chemical processes in catalysis using high-resolution positron emission tomography.

Application of focused ion beams: proton beam writing and ion beam analysis
IBA: Quantitative characterization of various objects in macro and microscopic scale by applying sensitive IBA methods.

PBW: Focused MeV energy ion beam is scanned over a suitable resist material, which is chemically developed to create different microstructures.