Nuclear-structure and decay data evaluation

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Research area Fundamental research in nuclear physics
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We evaluate nuclear-structure and decay data for isotopes belonging to the A=101–105 mass chains, and publish recommended values in the ENSDF online database and in Nuclear Data Sheets.


Knowledge of the up-to-date values of
the nuclear structure and decay data is
very important for all fields of nuclear
applications, as well as for the fundamental
nuclear physics research. The
International Network of Nuclear Structure
and Decay Data (NSDD) has been
set up to satisfy this need. NSDD is an
international team of experts who provide
recommended nuclear structure and
decay data to be used in basic and
applied research. The evaluated nuclear
quantities include the following: disintegration
energies, radiation and transition
probabilities, nuclear-level schemes, excitation
energies, half-lives, decay modes,
spin-parity values, magnetic and electric
multipole moments, and nuclear band
structure. Network scientists evaluate
nuclear structure and decay data for all
isotopes on an agreed basis. Atomki is
one of the evaluation centres of the NSDD.
Since 2012, the team in Atomki has been
responsible for the evaluation of the isotopes
belonging to the A = 101 – 105 mass
chains. NSDD databases contain these
data in computerised format and are
available both online (ENSDF, NuDat) and
offline (Nuclear Wallet Cards). These evaluations
are also published in the journals,
Nuclear Physics A and Nuclear Data Sheets.
The evaluators also compile the most
recent experimental results in the Unevaluated
Nuclear Data Library (XUNDL).