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 Proton angular distributions and highly differential cross sections for ionization of helium by proton impact.

Szerzők Fukuda H.,  Shimamura I.,  Végh L.,  Watanabe T.
Megjelenés helye SCI Physical Review A 44 (1991) 1565
Impakt faktor 2.1181991
Jelleg Scientific paper, proceedings
Témák Atomic and Molecular Physics
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 Energy and angular distributions of electrons emitted and ions recoiled in proton-impact ionization of helium atoms.

Szerzők Fukuda H.,  Watanabe T.,  Shimamura I.,  Végh L.
Megjelenés helye SCI Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 53 (1991) 410
Impakt faktor 1.1791991
Jelleg Scientific paper, proceedings
Témák Atomic and Molecular Physics
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 Singly ionizing proton-He collisions at very small scattering angles (Atomki Rep.1990/1 p.4).

Szerzők Fukuda H.,  Végh L.,  Shimamura I.,  Watanabe T.
Megjelenés helye 4th Workshop on High-Energy Ion-Atom Collision Processes. Debrecen, Sept. 17-19, 1990 0 (1990) 0
Jelleg Conf. abstract, poster, talk
Témák Atomic and Molecular Physics


 Recoil ion velocities at very small scattering angles.

Szerzők Fukuda H.,  Végh L.,  Watanabe T.
Megjelenés helye Riken Accelerator Progress Report 1989 23 (1990) 41
Jelleg Annual Report
Témák Atomic and Molecular Physics

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