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 Investigation of Pt-C and Co-C surfaces from non hydrocarbon sources: Photoemission studies on the nature of interaction between transition metal and carbon (Book of abstr.: P-5, p.77).

Szerzők Sundararajan R.,  Petô G.,  Koltay E.,  Guczi L.
Megjelenés helye Nanoscale Modification of Surfaces and Thin Films: Physical and Chemical Aspects (IUVSTA Workshop) Balatonföldvár, Hungary, 16-19 Sept.,1996 0 (1996) 0
Jelleg Conf. abstract, poster, talk
Témák Materials Science and Analytics


 Photoemission studies on Pt foil implanted by carbon atoms accelerated in a Van de Graaff generator: nature of the interaction between Pt and carbon.

Szerzők Sundararajan R.,  Petô G.,  Koltay E.,  Guczi L.
Megjelenés helye SCI Applied Surface Science 90 (1995) 165
Impakt faktor 1.0741995
Jelleg Scientific paper, proceedings
Témák Materials Science and Analytics
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