Institute for Nuclear Research
MTA Certificate of Research Excellence

Laboratory of Heritage Science

The Van de Graaff accelerators (1 MV and 5 MV) were built in Atomki by the supervision of Ede Koltay, the Section of Electrostatic Accelerators was based here. The present Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics consists of two groups working on different fields of science.

  • The Nuclear Astrophysics Group was established by Endre Somorjai. This group deals with experimental nuclear astrophysics in MTA Atomki.
  • The other group is the Ion Beam Applications (IBA) Group, established by Árpád Z. Kiss. Our work is mostly applications of atomic and nuclear physics methods to various fields of science: environmental, biomedical, geological, materials science, surface physics (including ion beam damage and proton beam lithography) and preservation of cultural heritage. We are involved in a number of different projects and collaborations: EU, IAEA, NKTH, OTKA, NKFIH, etc.

In addition to our own applications, we are also open for domestic and international collaborations and services, as well as we teach various levels and courses at the university.