In 2009 a new division was established in our institute: the Atomki Accelerator Centre (AAC). Before this time the facilities and staff of AAC belonged to various sections of the institute. It was understood that the translocation of all the accelerators into a centralized unit is advantageous in numerous fields. The submission of any instrumentation type proposal (EU or domestic) by a centralized division having strong facility background, will be easier and has a higher chance to be supported. The organization and distribution of the beamtimes is more balanced and optimal. The operating staff (cca. 20 person) can serve at more than one accelerator and the teams can help each other.

The following six main facilities belong to AAC: cyclotron, VdG-5 and VdG-1 accelerators, ECR ion source, isotope separator, Tandetron. Since the establishment of the Center all of our accelerators have been operated as scheduled, safely, without major technical failures. In 2010 the title Strategic Research Infrastructure was given to us by the Hungarian government.